leah has collaborated with independent artists and companies such as schoolhouse electric, o'neill, urban outfitters, the land of nod, studio oh, and teroforma. her work has been licensed for bedding, gift wrap, stationery, clothing, wall art, fabric, cell phone cases, table top collections, kitchen linens, and many other goods. if you are interested in a collaboration or in licensing leah's work we would love to hear from you.

above recent collaborations: schoolhouse electric bedding, link collective furoshikis, leah duncan + halfmoon atelier, leah duncan + zuca, leah duncan + satsuma press, leah duncan + ash hilton jewelry, betty and dupree gift wrap, leah duncan + finely crafted posters, leah duncan for o'neill, urban outfitters wall art, studio oh daily planner, teroforma artist canvas collection, the land of nod bedding and textiles.